Get Up and Running as a Medical Tourist with an EMR Website and get FREE MVP
(Medical Visa Passport) Assistance for Youths 12 and Under.
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EMR - Electronic Medical Record

If you are travelling as a Medical Tourist seeking better prices, service, insurance, spirituality, rehabilitation, tender-loving-care you are well advised to FLIX YOUR BUSINESS before you travel. This to insure that everyone is on the same page and there is nothing lost in translations. The problems travelling without an EMR-Electronic Medical Record usually center around what is termed "Medical Jargon". Physicians speaking different languages is one issue but physicians who use "medical jargon" in their country's own style when making diagnoses or when writing prescriptions did not generally do so on your written record expecting that you will seek medical attention out of country.
Our EMR Workflow: (1) Tell us what country you are resident in and what countries you are likely to travel to over the next year (you can always log in and update your anticipated travel log anytime) (2) We review the medical requirements for EMR transfer between those countries with special attention to your specific disease, physicians with accreditations in that disease / clinics / hospitals you may visit and what EMR software they use. Then, we customize your EMR website to be compatible with those clinics / hospitals softwares / language translators. (3) We designate an easy to remember pin code for you and your family (User ID will be with those Healthcare Organizations you choose. Your QAA-SIM code will be on the back of your personalized Chronmedallion Medical ID / BioMagnetic Bracelet. Your Medical Provider / Guardian (if under 18) / Emergency Family Contact will also have both the User ID and Code in the event you collapse alone and Paramedics need to know your QAA-SIM. Without an EMR, you are accepting a lot of risk trying to get lower cost medical attention in any country if you are unaware of the people, culture, language. 95 USD is a small price to pay to make certain the new physician has your complete file BEFORE you even purchase the aircraft ticket. EMR is also used to obtain your Medical Visa and our Meet & Greet affiliates in the host country can come all the way to Immigration to assist you if they have your EMR / MVP. Why stand in a long line at Immigration or Baggage when you are feeling ill. Before you travel, get your EMR and MVP files in order on your dedicated website. FLIX YOUR BUSINESS.


If you are travelling within 14 days (minimum time needed to organize an EMR) please purchase the EMR now by selecting: (1) No payment whatsoever if patient is youth 12 and under. Or select: (2) 49 USD Down-payment if you are a Cancer Coupon Club Member - membership needs to be verified by the time we deliver the EMR website. - Balance is 46 USD due in 10 working days when your site is ready. Or select :(3) 99 USD Down-payment if you do not wish to Volunteer at Cancer Coupon Club or if you will require a FLIX (Public Website) EMR. The first payment of 99 USD opens your file and gets both your Private and Public EMR started. Balance due will depend on which FLIX Website option you chose and can be paid from your donations. Public websites generally appeal to known Cancer Charities and other Charities and send out selected EMR information (you decide what the public knows about your situation) on social media. If we cannot raise at least 1495 USD in donations for you within 30 days....this Public EMR Website service is free !

Private EMR Website
Down-Pay: 1.00 USD
Final Pay: 0.00 USD

Private EMR Website
Cancer Coupon Club Volunteer
Down-Pay: 49.00 USD
Final Pay: 46.00 USD

Public FLIX EMR Website
Soliciting Corporate / Private Donations
99 USD opens your file


The Cancer Coupon Club will solicit donations from Corporate Sponsors on your behalf only if you purchase an upgraded EMR site that make your actual medical information accessible to the corporation or private sponsor. This is to stop any fraud by having your profile and situation 100% transparent to Potential Sponsors or Public (if you need more than 50,000 USD assistance quickly). However, to keep your patient's stress level low, we recommend they get a "Favi Face". Our IT Department, using morphing software can generate a "Look Alike" face in either Avatar, Business, Fantasy or Happy Face Mode. This face becomes your call sign and fund-raiser on Social Media until you have your operation / therapy.
Any Sponsors or Organ Donors who come forward can request to see your actual profile photo and if you sign up for "Sponsor My Favi Face" program you must sign the contract allowing any Sponsors and Donors who come forward to know your true identity. Chron Energy Group / GoldenFlix / Cancer Coupon Club will solicit donations on your behalf but will not get involved in handling or transferring the money or organs directly. Too much responsibility and liability for us. Therefore, to make it clear, if you opt for a Public FLIX Website you can use a Favi-Face only until a Sponsor or Donor comes forward and then you too must chat FACE-2-FACE. We are Global Community. One Spirit. One People.

Upload Your Full Face Selfie
Click on the Image Below

Upload Your Side Profile Selfie
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After you have uploaded your two photos (front and side profile) purchase your Customized Favi-Face below for only 19 USD.

You will be contacted, via email, within 24 hrs, once your payment has been received to finalize your FaviFACE look if you selected " FLIX My Face" on the EMR Order form above. When you contact any fellow GoldenFLIX Traveller (travelling for Medical Assistance, Business or Recreation...GoldenFLIX "MediTOURIST" fares are guaranteed lowest to most destinations if you are a MVP - Medical Visa Passport Member.

Down-Pay: 19 USD
Final Payment (After Delivery): 19USD

A GoldenFLIX FaviFACE Artist will contact you after we receive your photos and 19 USD down-pay to discuss which mode (Avatar. Business. Fantasy. Happy Face - Emoji) you need and other various options.


MVP - Medical Visa Passports

A Medical Visa should be organized for your Patient before travel. Try not to travel on a Visitor's Visa or Work Visa or any other normal Visa if you are at least making appointments seeking second opinions, make arrangements for later visits, surgeries etc. The Medical Visa will open doors for you. Preferential Treatment at Airports. Meet & Greet by other Cancer Coupon Club members or Professional Meet & Greet, Airport Based or Medical Center Based Service. The Medical Visa can only be given if you already have a recognized/ accredited / certified Physician / Facility in mind (required on the application) and know which hotel or hostel or private residence you will be staying at. Up to two attendants (who usually should be blood relatives or donor or legal guardian etc) are allowed to accompany the patient. They will also be granted a separate "Medical Attendant" Visa. MVPs (Medical Visa / Passport Requirements are specific, country to country and also depend on the country you are travelling from, condition of patient to travel (consent for this must be given by attending physician in your home country). These papers should be attended too BEFORE you attempt travel. Therefore if you are ill and intend travel within 6 months. Be cautious. Get up and running with your EMR now and get the MVP Applications for Patient and Attendants organized early to. Before you travel... FLIX YOUR BUSINESS !

FREE Medical Visa / Passport
Down-Pay: 1.00 USD
Final Pay: 0.00 USD

Medical Visa / Passport Service
Cancer Coupon Club Volunteer
Down-Pay: 49.00 USD
Final Pay: 46.00 USD

Medical Visa / Passport Service
Down-Pay: 99.00 USD
Final Pay: 96.00 USD



Chronmedallion BioMagnetic Jewelry

Emergency Medical Travel Within 14-30 Days ?

If you or your patient will be travelling within the next 14-30 days, Order them a Customized Pair of CHRONMEDALLION BioMagnetic Bracelets now. One for each wrist. Wait time is 19-21 days (19 USD each + shipping). Rush Order 7-14 days (38 USD each + shipping). These important integrated Medical / BioMag Bracelets carry your patient's critical medical information etched on the underside along with their GOLDENFLIX QAA-SIM pin number.
This PIN allows foreign physicians, nurses and other health care workers to access the associated EMR (Electronic Medical Record). Having an EMR is critical if you are a Medical Tourist for the following reasons: Foreign health care workers will not administer incorrect medication or something that triggers an allergy if they have access to Electronic Data that can be translated into any language online. Large Data Files: (x-rays) (mammograms) (mri) (biopsy results) blood and urine test results etc can be recovered in high resolution in whichever country needed. It is easy for strangers and even prying eyes of concerned family or individuals to invade your privacy and have access to your medical records and diagnoses. It is safer to store same on a secure file that can be accessed only by those who have a QAA-SIM code. Your pin number, even though etched on the bracelet cannot be used to open your file without your User ID which is NOT etched on your band but related to your Physician / Hospital etc. Your EMR can make it clear what life saving drugs and/or procedures may be used to resuscitate you or not and if you prefer unlimited life support or not. Your EMR states your wishes concerning organ donation in the event of your death. Next of kin and what procedure is to be followed if you pass on while in another country.

Pair of Chronmedallion Bracelets
Down-Pay: 2.00 USD (Pair)
Final Pay: Shipping Cost

Cancer Coupon Club Member
Pair of Chronmedallion Bracelets
Down-Pay: 38 USD (Pair)
Final Pay: Shipping Cost (50% Off)

Pair of Chronmedallion Bracelets
Down-Pay: 38 USD (Pair)
Final Pay: Shipping Cost


Aquatrin Magnetic Mineral Water

As Seen on eBay

DIY Magnetic Mineral Water Therapy Kit
Best, Low Cost Option, For 100% Microbe Free, BPA Free Drinking Water

Whats in the Box

One (1) x 3.5L Water Filtration Pitcher (Certified BPA Free) with Digital Filter Use Timer on Top
Six (6) x 6-Stage MOYA Water Filters (Each lasts 2 months with normal tap water this is a 1-Year Supply) [ 1. Yarn Fiber 2. Mineral Balls 3. Activated Carbon 4. Resin 5. FIR Mineral Balls 6. PP Cotton ]
One (1) FREE 5000 Gauss Magnetic Ring (contains 6 powerful Nd Magnets) for magnetizing your Mineralized Water
The Ring is adjustable to hold water bottles between 500-1000 ml ( 2.7 in to 3.5 inch OD) If purchased before May 31st 2017 ( 2 month introductory promo period).

WaterBOY Pitcher + 6 MOYA Filters
49 + 50 Global Shipping = 99 USD

One (1) Free Magnetizer
if you purchase the Kit
Before May 31st

4 x Shanghai Magnet - Magnetizers
49 + 50 Global Shipping = 99 USD

3 x Shanghai Magnet - Magnetizers
39 + 40 Global Shipping = 79 USD

2 x Shanghai Magnet - Magnetizers
29 + 40 Global Shipping = 69 USD


FLIX EMR (Public) Websites

If your patient needs to solicit corporate donations before Medical Travel you will need a professional public website / EMR / MVP package. Theses are "All Inclusive" FLIX Packages that includes EMR / MVP Services plus a video website that can showcase the patient or the patient's FaviFace (if you do not wish to show your real face) and situation to various Corporations or NGOs who regularly fund Charity Cases in Third World Countries. If you are from a First World or Developed country your changes to being awarded Corporate Donations over 10,000 USD for organ transplant or surgery is low.
Youths under 12 years old from Third World Countries are our priority. Under no circumstance will we open an EMR or provide MVP service if you are affluent and seeking cosmetic surgery - facelifts, breast augmentation, tucks and the like. Do not embarrass yourself or us...please do not sign up unless you or your patient is ill and requires medical attention overseas. Our Priority is 12 year and under from improvised countries and ill people from any country who believe they can get better. Please do not contact us if you or patient is suicidal. Many thanks in advance. You CAN get UP and RUNNING ! There is no such thing as a "TERMINAL" Diagnosis. No one but GOID can determine that. If you have a new diagnosis. Get a second opinion and it you decide to be a medical tourist ... Contact us immediately.

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The Following Prices are Only Applicable if you will use your EMR Website for Public Solicitations.
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Figures in red are the Coupon Discounts for Members of the Cancer Coupon Club (CCC). Contact us on the form at end of this site. Enter your CCC Coupon number and once your account is active (you completed at least 30 mins of community service last week) GoldenFLIX will honor the CCC Coupon discounted prices on everything you need. Private EMR / MVP / Public EMR Website...etc

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